"A customer-centered sales approach -
Everyone believes they
are following it.
Also true for you?"

- Stefan Scherer, International Sales Expert & Entrepreneur

A powerful sales force is more important than ever. Customers are better informed, have less time and are much more willing to change suppliers. At the same time, sales should deliver better results with less effort.

With more than 20 years of experience, from a tiny start-up to the establishment of a global sales organization and transfer into a corporate structure, I am well aware of these challenges.

Often one tries fast to learn the one, special "selling technique". This usually leads to disappointments. It is necessary to understand the connections and to look at things from the customer's point of view.

You know your business. A good trainer or coach doesn't know better. But he can provide an outside optinion. It is you deciding what to adopt. To your benefit!

I support you on your way to the top!

  • I decided on professional sales coaching for a strategically extremely important final negotiation. Stefan was involved in the meeting and his input directly generated revenue.
    Franz Fendt
    Metall und Bau Fendt
  • Autforce is moving strongly towards products. The strategy development with Stefan helps us to accelerate this process tremendously. We look forward continuing our work with him.
  • We've already had several sales trainings with different trainers. The workshop with Stefan on "closing the deal" was the most valuable training we had so far.

As an international sales expert

I support you anywhere, in English or German.